10 things I can’t do when extremely tired

  1. Open small plastic bags.  Not really a skill you need when you aren’t a mum but once you are , small plastic bags become indispensable. Biscuits are stored in them. The balance of the packet of sultanas and crucially a nappy bag. Really challenging when one hand is holding the little ones feet and the other is trying to open a plastic bag at two am.
  2. Remember anything at the shops. On my first trip to the shops I left my wallet at home. Such a devastation after the hugely self congratulatory thoughts I was harbouring about how clever I was to get out of the house. Thanks goodness my mum was along for the ride.
  3. Construct coherent thoughts. This morning when talking to my two year old, I caught myself wondering why is she acting like such a child. …I mean really.
  4. Put together an outfit. I am wearing dresses as they require absolutely no matching at all. A weakness before the children this is now a complete gap in my life. My husband had started sending me back to the wardrobe. Nicely but still questioning my choices
  5. Create craft activity. My husband has given me a new definition of success in craft. Not .. that was really creative. Not … wow baby you have hidden skills, your drawing is fabulous. Not … wow that little bus you made from the huggies box really lasted the test of time. no … was she occupied for half an hour. My new measure of success.
  6. Choosing movies of any quality. i-tunes shares are going up as you read.
  7.  Reading in facebook. My eyesight seems to deteriorate the more tired I am. Sorry if you have gotten a weird message from me. Or if I haven’t replied.
  8. Consistently exercising . For some reason pure tiredness wipes out any prospect of a ten minute walk.
  9. Eating well. When tired I am happy to eat anything.. . but I really really like chocolate.
  10. Write a list of ten things .. time for bed

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